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The Nashville Rose Society serves all of Middle Tennessee by sharing knowledge and information about our national flower, the rose. Through a monthly newsletter and meetings that feature regional and nationally recognized speakers, we bring you advice and instruction geared to growing roses in the specific soil and climatic conditions of this area.

Monthly meetings, unless otherwise noted, are held at Cheekwood Botanic Hall/Visitor Services Building at the Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art on the first Sunday of the month. The meetings are free to guests, as is admission to Cheekwood for meetings. Simply tell the gate attendant that you are there for the Nashville Rose Society meeting. Click here for directions to Cheekwood Botanical Gardens.

Tips for Growing Roses - April/May 2017

Be on the Lookout for Sawfly Larva!

by Marty Reich, Master Rosarian

It is time to be on the lookout for sawfly on your rose leaves and buds. They can do a good bit of damage very quickly and sort of sneak up on us. The worms are the larvae of a primitive plant feeding wasp and are about a half inch long when grown.

Gene Meyer sent a picture and said they were in his garden already. I haven't seen any in mine yet, but remain alert. They cause holes in the leaves and most of the time, you don't even see the small worms that do the damage.

Most any insecticide for sucking insects will get rid of them. Mine of choice is Spinosad. It can be bought at your county co-op. One note about it: It used to say that it would not hurt the bees unless sprayed directly on them. Now it says to not expose bees to it until it has dried for 3 hrs. I spray late in the afternoon after the bees have gone home. An organic option is to look for the sawfly on the bottom side of the leaf, then pick them off and squash them - they do not harm humans.

Sawfly Larva

Sawfly damage

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May 7 - Monthly Meeting

How the Three Public Rose Gardens in Nashville are
Cared for and Sustained
Speaker: Ron Daniels, NRS President

Ron will share with us the presentation that he made at the Nashville Lawn & Garden Show in March.


May 20 - Bowling Green Rose Society Rose Show

Visit for more information.


June 4 - Monthly Meeting

Speaker: Michael Steakley of Always in Bloom


July 2 - Monthly Meeting

Justin Thompson with Elite Irrigation(Ewing Irrigation Supplies).

Justin will be teaching us about drip water systems and other ways to water our roses and plants. You can see more about Ewing Irrigation on Facebook and YouTube.


Save the Date!

September 29-30 - Tenarky Fall Convention & Rose Show


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